Statement eines Aktivisten der Opposition im Juni 2007: 

Dear Comrades
 This weeks marks the celebration of the World refugee day, a day in which as Zimbabweans we must take seriously in view of the current problems we are facing. Over the last few years over 4 (four) million Zimbabweans have left the country to neighbouring countries mainly South Africa and the United Kingdom. Many of these are young man and women forced out of the country by economic melt down. A major component of this group are professionals who have left the country in search for green pastures. It is also important to note also that some of these fellow Zimbabweans have been pushed out of the country as a result of political elements bent on perpetuating the illegal regime of Robert Mugabe.

The Zimbabwean economy is currently characterized by runaway hyper inflationary conditions with our inflation now hitting world records of well over 8000% and month on month figures above 100 % which is pushed by reckless and irresponsible money printing. Unemployment rates are well above 80% and the informal sector that had become a means for sustainable livelihood for many of these people was destroyed by government through operation Murambatsvina. The once famed education system is on the verge or has collapsed owing to dire shortage of professional staff and mass exodus of teachers and critical shortages of foreign currency. Industries are operating at below 30% and some have either closed or have had to undertake massive retrenchments. There is no direct or indirect investment by foreign investment and a donor flight many of which sustained public services. Foreign currency lines of credit have been closed resulting in a shortage of foreign currency which has a consequent effect of paralysing all public institutions. Currently the Zimbabwe Power Company is failing to provide adequate power supplies and domestic and industrial consumption is reeling under crippling power cuts. The mafia styled land grab process implemented by government and masked by its propaganda as a land revolution has further compounded the situation. The entire agric sector has collapsed leading to food shortages which have claimed many lives in u rural communities. The land grab also severed our links with the international community and discredited our confidence in trade.

Politically the democratic space continues to shrink as the police, the army and the central intelligence have turned themselves into institutions of violence and repression. They have turned themselves into departments of Zanu Pf and exist to protect the legacy of Mugabe and his cronies. This structural defect will require years of rehabilitation to solve. POSA and AIPPA have given the police force unprecedented powers to crack down on activists viewed MDC. Many of these people have been tortured and some killed for demanding democracy. The writer is no stranger to police and state brutality as he has been arrested and detained for several times.

All these issues and many others have forced over 4 (four) million people to flea from Zimbabwe in search for a better life. Many young man and women have been mauled by human eating lions along the Limpopo river as they try to cross into neighbouring South Africa. Many have been eaten by crocodiles as they cross the crocodile infested Limpopo river. Those who have been lucky to successful cross into South Africa have been met with no jobs and rampant abuse by officials at receiving countries. Latest revelations in to the Botswana police revealed how Zimbabweans were made to masturbate in from of soldiers. Zimbabweans have been met with very disturbing situations. As we mark world refugee day we must take a moment to remember many of our people who are suffering in neighbouring countries as they try to make a living.

We URGE South African President Thabo Mbeki to tighten the screws on Zanu Pf. We as Zimbabweans demand specific deliverables from the current negotiation going on. SADC must not watch as the situation in Zimbabwe deteriorates. Or is it that they expect us to pick up guns and wage a liberation struggle in Zimbabwe. SADC and the U.N must act on Zimbabwe before it turns into another Dafur or Iraq. We are peace loving people and we believe in constructive and peaceful engagement but at the same time HOW LONG SHALL WE BE PEACEFUL TO A REGIME THAT IS VIOLENT TO US. Mugabe must be aware that his time to change is now or never. We are ready for a revolution in Zimbabwe and the sooner He realizes the better for him and his cronies.

Zimbabweans also demand unity within the bickering factions of the MDC. Many Zimbabweans pin their hopes on the MDC but the chances of success are only possible when we are a united front. Political power should not blind politicians from the work that lies ahead. Lastly Zimbabweans are urged to continue soldiering on, the end is night…………….it is darkest before dawn.




Mfundo Mlilo

(Writing from Munich Germany, Mfundo is a Civic Activist, a former student leader expelled from the University of Zimbabwe. He works for the Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA ) a social movement in Harare. )